Daniel Massick’s Consulting on Employee Management Spotlights 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

daniel massickBelieve it or not, there is a difference between a “bad job” and a “miserable job.” According to Massick Team Consulting, it’s a distinction that should be made. Most people haven’t identified the difference and therefore find themselves at a loss when it comes to solving the problem of workplace satisfaction and fulfillment. As founder and president of Massick Team Consulting, Daniel Massick has spent many years directly and indirectly helping people with this issue. The cost of a miserable job not only has consequences in the workplace but also at home as well as with family and friends. Daniel Massick has stated he wants to help companies address this problem.

The lesson, which Daniel Massick is authorized to train and speak on, is based off of the best-selling author and subject matter expert Patrick Lencioni’s, “the truth about employee engagement.” The 10,000-foot-view of this lesson is that work should never be miserable, but it is for many people and there is a way to fix it. To fix it, leaders must take action at every tier of the company. Be it top tier, mid-level or low-level managers, all can apply these simple principles to their workplace so that their employees have a more meaningful and fulfilling experience.

According to the training program that Daniel Massick employs, there’s nothing workers detest more than feeling like they are anonymous, irrelevant and not being held accountable to any objective set of standards. Think about it: A leader chose to hire these people and therefore chose to make sure their employees excel at work for their good and the good of the company. But then, once hired, the manager doesn’t get to know them, doesn’t know what makes them tick, doesn’t know what other gifts and talents they might have outside of the skills they were hired for or just treats them as if they were a machine. These are real issues that many employees have felt in the workplace.

Since 2008, Daniel Massick has been a close personal friend and advisor of Organizational Health guru Patrick Lencioni and this has helped shape and has sparked a deep desire in Mr. Massick to help companies solve the problem of employee misery. Mr. Massick’s passion in this field also stems from his own experience of being, “a cog in a wheel” at one point in his life. He believes good managers and very well-intended managers might be causing misery in their employees’ jobs without them even knowing it and this training program solves the problem. Managers need only ask themselves this one question: “Do I want my employees to thrive under me?” If so, then this training program is a must.

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